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How Perfectionism Ruins Perfectionists

Perfectionism ruined me for very long time. It stopped me from achieving what I wanted to do, which was start a business. But the perfectionism got to me and for a very long time, I didn't launch anything. I would sit in class and keep redrafting the same business plan over and over again, trying [...]

By |September 12th, 2017|Entrepreneur, Self Development|0 Comments

4 Things That Matter When You’re Developing an App

Why Develop an App? Developing an app can be a way of getting a solution out to the world. Another reason you'd want to develop an app is for fun. Point is, there are many reasons why you would want to develop an app. However, if you're trying to be successful with your app, there [...]

By |September 11th, 2017|Technology|0 Comments

How Computer Science Has Changed My Life

How It All Started I was a young kid and all my friends were playing Call of Duty on Xbox. I wanted to play as well, however, the online service costed money and I didn't have any money. I asked my dad if he could buy me Xbox Live and he wouldn't, saying that I [...]

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The Power of Thinking Big

Power of Thinking Big There is a certain power to thinking big. Maybe it is magical, maybe there's some science behind it. Either way, it means that thinking big is something that we should all be doing. One of my favorite online mentors, Tai Lopez, says that his biggest regret is not thinking big enough. [...]

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