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Importance of Running Experiments in Business

Running Experiments in Business? Sounds like science class. Running experiments in business? Throwback to science class. What does science have to do anything with business? How are they related? That's what [...]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Find Your Passion

Why is important to find your passion? That's a question that I hear a lot when I bring up the topic of finding your passion for work. Why is it important that I do so? [...]

4 Ways to Get Homework Done Quick

Homework... Just typing that word out makes me feel a bit sick on the inside. But either way, we all still have to get it done, so instead of complaining about it, might as well [...]

How Perfectionism Ruins Perfectionists

Perfectionism ruined me for very long time. It stopped me from achieving what I wanted to do, which was start a business. But the perfectionism got to me and for a very long time, I [...]

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