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Becoming a Better Person

How Perfectionism Ruins Perfectionists

Perfectionism ruined me for very long time. It stopped me from achieving what I wanted to do, which was start a business. But the perfectionism got to me and for a very long time, I [...]

4 Things That Matter When You’re Developing an App

Why Develop an App? Developing an app can be a way of getting a solution out to the world. Another reason you'd want to develop an app is for fun. Point is, there are many [...]

How Computer Science Has Changed My Life

How It All Started I was a young kid and all my friends were playing Call of Duty on Xbox. I wanted to play as well, however, the online service costed money and I didn't [...]

The Power of Thinking Big

Power of Thinking Big There is a certain power to thinking big. Maybe it is magical, maybe there's some science behind it. Either way, it means that thinking big is something that we should all [...]